All about Alexandre Pato

alexandra pato - villareal

Alexandrepatoworld is the unofficial fansite of Alexandro Rodrigues da Silva – also known as Alexandro Pato. Pato is famous football player from Brazil born in 1989. He has signed a contract with Corintians in 2013 and returned back to Brazil after a seven year long tour in Italy. After that he went on loan to another Brazilian team – Sao Paolo FC from the beautiful city of the same name. Currently Alexandre Pato is playing for Villareal in the highest Spanish Division – La Liga.

Heartbreaker Pato

Alexandre is a real heartbreaker. Many women all over the world would like to go out on a date with him. When playing in Italy, he was involved in a relationship with the daughter of the allmighty Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi. Silvio is also the owner of AC Milan where Alexandre was playing. This fact has made the rumors spin regarding potential conflict of interest and Alexandre being a part of starting eleven just because his girlfriend wanted so. Anyway, this is in the past now. Alexandre broke up with his girlfriend and moved back to Brazil. He seems to be single now and enjoying it.

Name Pato is not because he is a duck

Another interesting thing about Pato is his last name or rather his nickname that is being used instead. It means “duck”. Pato does not really look like a duck. Neither does he walk or play football like a duck. The reason of this funny nickname is the name of the city where Alexandre was born. This city is called Pato Branco or “white duck”. It is actually quite a big city in Brazil with almost 70 000 inhabitants. It is bigger than Winchester and Waterlooville home in UK. Can you imagine that? The world is large. Sometimes you don’t know anything about such big cities. Alexandre has really helped us to open our eyes and learn more about Brazilian geography.

alexandre pato kicking

Move to Milan and Italy

Alexandre Pato has been playing in four different football clubs during his professional football career (senior level). He started his career in Internacional after moving up to the main team from the junior one. Don’t confuse this Internacional with Inter Milan. Internacional is a famous Brazilian football club playing in the top division. So that was where Pato started his senir career – it was in 2006 when Pato was just 17 years old. What happened after this? A big success. Agents from Europe noticed this young handsome man. He moved to AC Milan – and to a beautiful country of Italy – famous for its pizza, lasagne and… football, of course. He moved to Italy a year after he joined Internacional senior team. Silvio Berlusconi was thrilled by signing this contract. The whole city of Milano had high expectations on him(or at least a half of it – the one that supports AC Milan and not Inter Milan). People thought he would become new Zlatan. Pato was a real star – both on the pitch and in his regular life. At the same time he was very humble as the person and media loved him.

Shirt #7 and decline

Alexandre played in a shirt #7. He thought that #7 is a lucky number and, thanks God, this shirt number was available when he joined. The first years of Pato in Milan were his best ones. Between 2007 and 2010 he was involved in many great moments and scored many important goals. The decline started after three years in the club when Alexandre became injured. This happened in the beginning of the season of 2010-11. Unfortunately, Alexandre never fully recovered and never managed to come up on the same level as he was before the injury. His journey to Milan ended in 2013 when he decided to break up with his girlfriend Barbara and to move back to his home country – to Brazil.

Back to Brazil

Corinthians has paid quite a substantial sum to get Alexandre back – around twelve million pounds. Alexandre flew back to Brazil across the ocean in 2013 in order to join his new team. By that time he was no longer considered to be interesting for Brazil National Team. He was simply too bad for it. The injuries seemed to have ruined his career. He wanted to prove that this wasn’t the case. No matter what Pato was thinking, the media thought that 12 Million pounds was quite a lot taken into consideration the fact that Pato has been injured and not really in good shape. They were right. His comeback did not start in a smooth way. The fans disliked him and the way he played. He did not manage to score many goals neither. What is worse – he made terrible mistakes. Everyone was blaiming Pato for the misses when his biggest miss came. It happened in October 2014 during the final game of Brazilian Cup where Pato missed from the penalty spot and this was the reason of his team losing the Cup. This was it. Corintians did not want him anymore and he was offered to Sao Paolo.

Sao Paolo seems to be a right club for Pato. He plays now and then, scores now and then. Most likely he has fun. This is the most important thing for the footballer – to love what you are doing and to have fun. Being totally focused on the game and the training process is boring. If you get good money because you are a talented football player – why not live your life while you are young? The only thing that Pato might be missing is his trainings with the National Team. But the thing is that it might be a good thing that he is not a part of it. Who knows, maybe Pato would get psychological problems for the rest of his life after 1-7 loss against Germany in World Cup semis. Maybe it’s a good thing that he wasn’t there. Most likely, the score would be 1-10 or even more if Pato was a part of the team. We hope Pato will get back to his shape and to the kind of performance he has been showing in the beginning of his AC Milan era. Then he has a chance of joining Brazil for World Cup 2018 in Russia. Alexandre will be 29 years old then. This is a perfect age for a football player.